Highest roads of FYR Macedonia

Highest roads of FYR Macedonia

Located in the heart of the Balkans, in southeastern Europe, Republic of Macedonia is an elevated plateau surrounded by mountains. This landlocked country is bordered by Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Kosovo. Its climate is continental. Two mountain systems cut through the region: the Pindus and the Ródope.

Highest mountain roads of FYR Macedonia:

Mountain road Elevation Zone Surface
Peristeri  2.586m (8,484ft) South-west Gravel
Solunska Glava 2.526m (8,287ft) Central Gravel
Kajmakčalan 2.524m (8,281 ft) South Asphalt
Skarpa 2.460m (8,070ft) North-west Gravel
Piribeg 2.342m (7,683ft) North-west Gravel
Golemo Ezero 2.272m (7,454ft) South-west Gravel
Ruen Peak  2.246m (7,368ft) North-east Gravel 
Ljuboten 2.112m (6,929ft) North-west Gravel
Bistra Lake 2.089m (6,853ft) North-west Gravel
Lako Signoj 1.975m (6,479ft) South-west Gravel 
Lake Bogovina 1.945m (6,381ft) West Gravel 

Pic: Marijan

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