Exploring P504: North Macedonia's most scenic mountain road adventure

P504 is a scenic, winding mountain road situated in the southwestern region of the Republic of North Macedonia, close to the Albanian border. The road boasts numerous twists and turns, but the spectacular nature and views make the journey worthwhile.


How long is P504 road in Macedonia?

The road, which stretches through the National Park Galichitsa, spans 27.6 km (17.14 miles). It runs west-east from Trpejca, a fishing village nestled at the foot of Galičica Mountain, to Oteševo, a deserted village in the Resen Municipality. Note that there is a toll fee to access the park.

Is the P504 road in the National Park Galichitsa challenging?

While the road is fully paved, it remains narrow and has a considerable incline. The eastern side presents a more moderate ascent, but the western segment is characterized by its winding nature and steep gradient. Boasting 20 hairpin turns, this route might not be ideal for those susceptible to motion sickness. Its origins trace back to being an old military road.

Is the P504 road in the Galičica mountains worth it?

Absolutely. The drive offers breathtaking views as it traverses the mountains, connecting Great Prespa Lake and Lake Ohrid, one of Europe's deepest and oldest lakes. While it's not the easiest road, it's arguably one of the most scenic. The road reaches its highest point at 1,599m (5,246ft) above sea level at the Livada Pass summit. On a clear day, the viewpoint from the top encompasses three countries: North Macedonia, Greece, and Albania. Additionally, the renowned trail to Magaro peak commences along this route.

Is the P504 road in Macedonia open?

Nestled in the Galičica mountains, this road typically closes from the beginning of November to mid-March. Even during summer, travelers might face challenges due to potholes that form during the winter; these aren't always promptly repaired.
Pic: Laurentiu Vilcu