A narrow paved road to Kozjak lake

Kozjak is an artificial lake located in the western part of the Republic of North Macedonia, in the municipality of Makedonski Brod. The lake is 32 km (20 mi) long, with maximum depth of 130 m (430 ft).

Kozjak dam road

Located on the river Treska, it is the largest artificial lake in Macedonia. There is an abundance of fish in the lake. The maximum elevation of the lake is 469.9 m and it has a capacity of about 380 million m³ of water. The construction of the dam started in August 1994. The reservoir started filling in May 2003, and the two power generators finally went online in July and September 2004.

The road to the lake is totally paved but very narrow. It’s called 302. Starting from Nova Breznitsa, the road is 13.5 km long. It’s pretty steep, topping out at 1.049m (3,441ft) above the sea level. This road is usually open all year.
Pic: Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov