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Popova Šapka

Popova Šapka is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 1.780m (5,840ft) above the sea level in the Republic of Macedonia. It’s home of military base of the Macedonian Army & meteorological station.

Popova Šapka is located in the Šar Mountains, a mountain range in the Balkans that extends from southern Kosovo and the northwest of the Republic of Macedonia to northeastern Albania. The road to reach the summit starts in Tetovo, a city in the northwestern part of Macedonia, built on the foothills of Šar Mountain and divided by the Pena River and it has a length of 18km.
The surface of the road is asphalted, and chains or snow tyres can be required anytime. According to certain sources, a legend exist, how this area of Sar (Shar, Šar) Planina was named Popova Sapka (Popova Šapka). The legend says an orthodox priest exerting the evangelical mission, was killed like a martyr (and the body remained to be torn asunder by the wild animals), while visiting the orthodox-macedonian homes through the villages. At this district, where only the priest's hat (on macedonian "kamilavka") was found - was named in his honor, Popova Sapka (English - Priest's Hat). 
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