The road to Gaizinkalns, the highest point in Latvia

At an elevation of 311m (1,020ft) above the sea level, Gaizinkalns is the highest point in Latvia. It’s located in the Vidzemes Highlands in eastern Latvia.


The road to reach the summit is unpaved. It’s the second highest elevation in Baltic States. The hill is a part of the Gaiziņkalns Nature Park, located in the territories of Vestiena, Bērzaune and Arona parishes of the Madona District. Take the path, and you will climb Latvia's highest hill, Gaiziņkalns, cross the hilltop all over its length (~ 1 km), and see a spectacular panorama open before you over the four slopes: "Ladies' Paradise", "The Western Slope", "The Lesser Golgotha", and "Golgotha".

At the summit is a 45m high watchtower from the cold war. It’s a wrecked viewing tower and is not allowed to enter. For your own safety, you should not challenge this restriction. It’s an an artifact from Soviet time - an old unfunctional watchtower. It is quiet high, but it is strongly not suggested to climb up, as its condition is really bad. The climate of the Vidzeme region is characteristic with low temperatures in January (-6°C) and in July (+16,5°C), high-rainfall (750 mm), high number of cloudy days and a thick sheet of snow in winter. The average thickness of the sheet of snow is over 40 cm.