Driving the scenic P111 from Liepaja to Ventspils

Located on the western coast of Latvia, the scenic P111 is a rewarding drive along the Baltic Sea coast.

P111 Road

How long is P111 road from Liepaja to Ventspils?

The road is fully paved. It’s 97.5 km (60.58 miles) long, running south-north from Liepāja (the country's third biggest city by population located in the Kurzeme Region on Latvia’s west coast, known for long Liepāja Beach) to Ventspils (a state city in the historical Courland region on the Venta River).

Is the P111 road from Liepaja to Ventspils worth it?

Plan about 70 to 90 minutes to complete the drive without any stop. The drive offers views and interesting sights. The road gives access to the Baltic Sea, with its sand dunes, and rugged coastline, making it a perfect choice for beach lovers. Reserved and rough, as you drive through the countryside, you can admire the scenic views of the Baltic Sea and the lush forests.