What are the most spectacular roads in Latvia?

Located in the northern part of Europe and bordered by the Baltic Sea, Latvia is a country with predominantly flat terrain, consisting of low-lying plains and gently rolling hills. If you want to experience a drive on the highest road in the country, you’ll need to drive the paved road to Gaizinkalns, the highest point in Latvia at 311m (1,020ft) above sea level in the Vidzemes Highlands in the eastern part of the country.

Another very interesting drive is the scenic P111 road from Liepaja to Ventspils, a rewarding drive along the Baltic Sea coast, offering views of sandy beaches and dunes. The drive through the P79 Road is also very scenic. Located in the northeastern part of the country, the road is mostly unpaved with some paved sections at its ends and runs from Ērgļi to Koknese.

At an elevation of 311m (1,020ft) above the sea level, Gaizinkalns is the highest point in Latvia. It’s located in the Vidzemes Highlands in eastern Latvia.

P79 is a very scenic regional road located in Vidzeme region, in northeastern Latvia.

Located on the western coast of Latvia, the scenic P111 is a rewarding drive along the Baltic Sea coast.