Ranga László Way, a sensational road

Ranga László Way is a very scenic drive located in southern Hungary, close to the Croatian border.

Ranga László Way

Located in the Nyugat-Mecsek Tájvédelmi area, the road was named after a famous rally legend named László Ranga. He was born in the city of Pécs. The road is in good condition, some of the pavement is white asphalt so be cautious when driving here. The drive is 12.1 km long, running south-north from Pécs to Abaliget, a village in central Baranya County. The road tops out at 428m (1,404ft) above the sea level.

Traffic is moderate during weekdays and high during holidays and there's almost no chance to overtake. If you take a turn to Orfű, there's lake in the valley and a lookout tower at the top of the hill.
Road suggested by: Bela Zsalakovics