A busy road from Komló to Pécs

The paved road from Komló to Pécs, through Mánfa is an enjoyable drive located in southern Hungary, close to the Croatian border.

Komló to Pécs Road

This paved road is in very good condition. The first part from Komló to Mánfa is white asphalt (slippery) and the second part from Mánfa to the city of Pécs is a double lane upwards. It is very enjoyable. This is a main road so expect high traffic, but it's still enjoyable due to the double lane upwards.

Be cautious at the restaurant, police used to scout there looking for speeders. The road is 16.5 km long running north-south from Komló, a town in Baranya county, towards Pécs. The drive tops out at 403m (1,322ft) above the sea level.
Road suggested by: Bela Zsalakovics