An ice road from Virtsu to Kuivastu on the Baltic Sea

Located in the Lääne County of Estonia, the icea road on the Baltic Sea is a fun experience for many drivers.

Virtsu - Kuivastu ice road

The road, part of the Estonian national road number 10, is 6.5 km long and usually open every winter. It links Virtsu, in Hanila Parish on the western coast of continental Estonia and Kuivastu, a village on the eastern coast of the Estonian island Muhu. Due to the stopping distance on the ice being very long, the distance between vehicles on the road must be at least 250 metres in order to avoid collisions and placing excessive burden on the ice. In Estonia, the ice road is marked by juniper bushes at intervals of 50-100 metres. Speed is limited to 70 km/h so that the stopping distance does not become too long. At the same time it is prohibited to stop. Speeds of 25-40 km/h should be avoided so as not to cause resonance and break the ice. A vehicle’s mass is generally limited to 2-2.5 tonnes. The rest of the year is crossed by a regular Virtsu-Kuivastu ferry.