Tarkma to Triigi Ice Road

Driving the ice road from Tarkma to Triigi

Located on the northwestern part of Estonia, the ice road from Tarkma to Triigi is a very exciting experience.

How long is the ice road from Tarkma to Triigi?

The road is 16.7km (10.37 miles) long, and runs from Tärkma (in Hiiu County) to Triigi (in Saare County). The road connects Estonia's major western islands of Hiiumaa and Saaremaa. The road is demarcated with juniper bushes.

Is the ice road from Tarkma to Triigi open?

Maintained by AS Eesti Teed, this road is open only during daylight hours, in winters, depending on the thickness of the ice. In recent years it has not so often been used. It is usually open from late January to late March when the ice is thick enough to carry the weight of vehicles. In summers, the connection between both towns is via ferry.