The Croatian A3 motorway is said to be haunted

A3 Motorway is a major highway of Croatia. A short section of the road, between Staro Petrovo Selo and Nova Gradiška is said to be haunted due to the high number of accidents and paranormal encounters. It's one of the Top Haunted Roads in the world.

A3 motorway

The road is fully paved. Locals blame underground water and ‘dark forces’ for the carnage saying ‘drivers experience hallucinations and unexplained phenomena'. Legend has it that workers used cement from tombstones and material from monuments and graves to make the highway and that many of the youths at the time also mocked the graves.

Popular soap star Dolores Lambasa was killed in a car accident on this section in 2013. Exactly 7 years before and just 60m away, at the same time of day, Macedonian singer Tose Proeski died in similar circumstances. Between times there have been 2,293 accidents, 54 deaths and 180 serious injuries on the same stretch.