Driving to Mount Vojak, the Highest Peak on the Istrian Peninsula

Mount Vojak is a mountain peak with an elevation of 1,376m (4,514ft) above sea level, located in the County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar of Croatia. The road to the summit is relatively narrow and steep, but the view at the top is awe-inspiring.

Mount Vojak

Where is Mount Vojak?

The peak is situated on the eastern side of the Istrian peninsula, in the western part of the country, within the Učka Nature Park. The name has Croatian origins, supposedly derived from 'Vučka,' meaning 'Wolf's mountain.'

Can you drive to Mount Vojak?

The road to the summit is fully paved with some narrow sections near the end. It’s very steep, with a maximum gradient of 21% through some of the ramps. Starting at Vela Učka road, the ascent is 5.7 km (3.54 miles) long, with an elevation gain of 415 meters. The average gradient is 7.28%.

Is the road to Mount Vojak open now?

The route is recommended throughout all seasons. During winter, check the snow conditions. The speed limit is 30 km/h. One can drive up the mountain as far as possible (at your own risk - there is a sign indicating that once you go past this spot, all bets are off).

Is the road to Mount Vojak worth it?

Perched high in the Dinaric mountain range, at its summit stands a tower serving as an observation tower, TV mast, lookout point, and an observation deck equipped with telescopes offering magnificent views of the surrounding landscapes. The breathtaking panorama from the tower extends to the islands Krk, Losinj, and Cres, Gorski kotar, and the Istria peninsula, the Bay of Trieste, the Julian Alps, the Adriatic islands, right down to Dugi Otok, and even the Alps and Italy. The stone tower (observation tower) at the top was built by mountain climbers and nature enthusiasts in 1911. During World War I, it served as an Austro-Hungarian military and naval lookout post. Inside the tower, there is an information center and souvenir shop managed by the Ucka Nature Park institution. On the tower's roof, telescopes are installed to offer close-up views of the surrounding panorama. Mount Vojak is Istria's highest peak, and along the way, there are incredible 360-degree views as far as the Dolomites and Switzerland.
Road suggested by: Ivica Stavljenic