What are the highest roads in Bulgaria?

Located in southeastern Europe, Bulgaria is a country bordered by five countries: Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. It has some major mountain ranges, as Rila, Pirin and the Balkan Mountains.

Highest roads of Bulgaria

The Republic of Bulgaria is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula (Europe's 16th-largest country) and has a great variety of topographical features. Its landscape ranges from mountainous peaks covered in snow to valleys and lowlands giving way to the coast of the Black Sea. More than 1/3 of country’s territory is covered by mountains, located mainly in the central and the southwestern parts.

Highest roads in Bulgaria

Mountain road Elevation Province Surface
Vintcheto Road 2.553m (8,375ft)  Kyustendil Gravel
Goljam Medarnik 2.541m (8,336ft) Sofia Gravel
Todorka 2.534m (8,313ft) Blagoevgrad Gravel
Markudzhik 2.479m (8,133ft) Sofia Gravel
Musalenski ezera 2.399m (7,870ft) Sofia Gravel
Kalin Reservoir 2.398m (7,867ft) Kyustendil Gravel
Botev Peak 2.376m (7,795ft) Lovec-Plovdiv Gravel
Karagyol Reservoir 2.359m (7,739ft) Kyustendil Gravel
Yastrebets summit 2.358m (7,736ft) Sofia Gravel
Dzhanka Saddle 2.346m (7,696ft) Sofia-Blagoevgrad Gravel