Musalenski Ezera

Musalenski Ezera is a high mountain lake at an elevation of 2.399m (7,870ft) above the sea level, located in Sofia Province in southwestern Bulgaria, within the Borovets mountain resort. It’s one of the highest mountain roads of the country.

Musalenski ezera

The road to the summit, located in the Eastern part of the Rila Mountain range, within the Rila National Park, is gravel, rocky, tippy and bumpy at times. Road conditions are always changing. The road was built for the construction of some structures atop the mountain resort. Some parts of the trail pass through stones. Winter comes early and stays late on this trail, so you may only be able to safely run it in the middle of the summer. At the summit you can enjoy views of all major mountain ranges in Bulgaria – Balkan, Sredna Gora, Vitosha, Rhodopes, Pirin and of course – Rila.

Avoid committing your vehicle to what is in front of you until you are sure of what you are getting into because things could get worse. 4x4 vehicle required. The area  is mainly known as a place with unique preserved nature and as a paradise for the lovers of the outdoor activities. A traveler on this road must be experienced and completely devoted to safe, slow and obstacle-conscious driving to deter danger. The steep drive will take some skill, some patience, and some tolerance for vertigo. The origin of the name Rila comes from the Thracians, it means “well-watered mountain”.