Botev Peak is the highest road of the Balkan Mountains

Botev Peak is a high mountain peak at an elevation of 2.376m (7,795ft) above the sea level, located on the boundary of Lovec and Plovdiv provinces, in Bulgaria. It’s one of the highest roads of the country.

Botev Peak

What Makes Botev Peak Noteworthy?

Situated within the Central Balkan National Park, Botev Peak can be accessed via two routes: a walking trail on its southern side and a gravel road to the north. Previously known as Yumrukcha, it's now named after the renowned Bulgarian poet and revolutionary, Hristo Botev. The peak is home to a weather station and a radio tower, inaugurated on 10 July 1966. Positioned almost at Bulgaria's heart, the broadcasting tower relays the country's primary FM and TV networks, covering about 65% of Bulgaria and even reaching parts of Romania and Turkey. Additionally, there's a mountain refuge at the summit.

Is Driving to Botev Peak Possible?

The road leading to the peak is labeled Route 607. 4x4 vehicles only. Starting from Ostrets, this route spans 35.1 km (21.81 miles) and ascends by 1,803 meters, averaging a gradient of 5.13%. Once above the tree line, the road offers breathtaking vistas.

Is the Botev Peak Road Accessible Year-Round?

Nestled in the central-southern region of Bulgaria, within the Stara Planina mountains, the peak often faces harsh weather conditions. Thus, accessibility is typically limited to summer. Average temperatures range from -8.9 °C (16.0 °F) in January to 7.9 °C (46.2 °F) in July. Visitors should also be cautious of dense fog and cloud cover.

How Challenging is the Botev Peak Route?

The mountain's conditions can be unpredictable, regardless of the season. While there isn’t a significant presence of wild animals, grazing sheep and occasional cows are common. Though the paths are generally maintained and safe, unexpected hazards can arise, such as slippery rocks during rainfall or minor injuries even on flat terrains. Always have an alternative plan.
Pic: valentin pamoukov