A memorable road trip to Velika Klekovača

Velika Klekovača is a high mountain peak at an elevation of 1.946m (6,384ft) above the sea level, located in western Bosnia and Herzegovina. The wind at the top is not a joke

Velika Klekovača

The road to the summit, located in the Dinaric Alps, is gravel, rocky, and dry. Road conditions are always changing. Due to the high elevations and exposure, the road is subject to strong winds and rapid weather changes. Be prepared for the cold and wind! High winds blow here all year long. Even in summer you can confront with snowy days. Temperatures here in the winter are brutally cold. On the peak there are ruins of the military radio relay and radar station. A special attraction of Mount Klekovača is an endangered species of edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum), inhabiting only few locations.

4x4 vehicle required. A traveler on this road must be experienced and completely devoted to safe, slow and obstacle-conscious driving to deter danger. This is definitely not a Sunday drive. The steep drive will take some skill, some patience, and some tolerance for vertigo. The peak is a nice sightseeing point with the opened view on all mountains in west Bosnia and south east Croatia.
Pic: Enver Bužimkić