Driving the challenging SH71 road in the heart of Albania

SH71 road offers a very challenging drive spanning the Elbasan and Korçë counties of Albania.

SH71 road

Is SH71 in Albania paved?

Located in the southeastern part of the country, the road stretches for 113 km (70.21 miles). While most of the road is paved and in good condition, about 25km near its conclusion remains unpaved and in poor shape.

Where does SH71 in Albania start and end?

The road extends north-south from Elbasan - the fourth most populous city in Albania - to Maliq, which was formerly known as Malik.

Is the SH71 road in Albania challenging?

Anticipate around 4 hours to complete the drive without making stops. The journey can be daunting, featuring a few treacherous sections near a river. Proceed with caution: this route isn't for those who are easily daunted or unprepared. A single error can lead to grave repercussions. It's highly recommended to use an up-to-date GPS, given the recent additions to the Albanian road network.