Driving the wild road through the Shkopet Gorge

Gryka e Shkopetit is a narrow canyon carved by the River Mat, situated on the boundary between Dibër and Lezhé counties in Albania.

Shkopet Gorge

Where is Shkopet Gorge?

Situated just two hours from Tirana in the north-central part of the country, the gorge cuts through the mountain range separating Mat District from the coastal plains. It measures approximately 60 m in length, 50 m in depth, and 20 m in width. A dam has been in place there since 1963.

Is the road through Shkopet Gorge paved?

Located within the Ulza Regional Nature Park, the road through the gorge is designated SH6. It is paved but remains narrow, tracing the northern bank of the Albanian Mat river. This route offers stunning views of the untouched natural beauty of the area.

How long is the drive through Shkopet Gorge?

The road stretches 39.4km (24.48 miles), running west-east from Road E851 to Road SH36.