Qafë Shtamë

Qafë Shtamë is a tragic road in Albania

Qafë Shtamë is a mountain pass at an elevation of 1.229m (4,032ft) above the sea level located on the boundary of Durrës and Dibër counties, in northern Albania.

Located within the Shtamë Pass National Park, the road to the summit, also known as Qafë-Shtamës, was recently paved. It’s called SH38. It’s pretty steep via many hairpin turns. The pass is 55km (34 miles) long, running between the villages of Fushë-Krujë (in Durrës County) and Burrel (in Dibër County). On 29 April 1997, an underground bunker complex on the east side of the pass was the home of a serious accident. An explosion took place in the tunnels full of ammunition and weapons, which had been stored in a military storage site during the communist era. 23 people were killed.