The Albanian SH36 road challenges even the brave drivers

SH36 is a demanding high mountain road situated on the boundary between Lezhé and Dibër counties of Albania. The road's condition leaves much to be desired, making it a challenging route to traverse. Nevertheless, its breathtaking vistas have earned it a formidable reputation.

SH 36

How long is the Albanian SH36 road?

Located in the northeastern part of Albania, the majority of the road is unpaved. As with many of the roads in Albania you just never know when the tarmac ends and they turn to dirt or vice versa. Spanning 54.7km (33.98 miles), travelers should allocate more than 2 hours for the journey. With over 40 hairpin turns and bordered by steep drops unprotected by guardrails, this route ascends to 1,147m (3,763ft) above sea level. Its narrow sections can be challenging, making the journey an adrenaline-inducing experience not suited for everyone.

Where does the Albanian SH36 road start and end?

The road is open to all motorized vehicles; however, it's highly recommended for those with high clearance, 4-wheel drive vehicles. Given its rough terrain, attempting it in a 2wd car might have you considering a new vehicle purchase. This rugged mountain road connects the towns of Muhurr and Burrel, sometimes referred to as Burreli.