The road to Old Tragjas, a heritage in ruins

Tragjasi i Vjetër is an old village in ruins in the Vlorë County, in south-western Albania. The town was bombed in 1943 because of partisan sympathies.

Old Tragjas

The road to the old town is totally unpaved and dangerous, with many narrow parts. 4x4 vehicle required. The drive offers spectacular views. The ruined village was part of the battlefield of the battle of Gjorm, where Albanian resistance units defeated and routed the troops of the Kingdom of Italy. The ancient village of Tragjas was bombed in 1943 because of partisan sympathies and has been abandoned ever since. Please beware that this village is structurally dangerous and you should proceed with caution.

Starting from the new Tragjas village, the road is 5.1km (3.16 miles) long. Over this distance the elevation gain is 263 meters. The average gradient is 5.15%. On the way to the old village, the road climbs up to the Pass of the Tombs because of the tombs scattered about there. The pass is a shaped hill with fantastic views of ancient Orikum and the coast.
Pic&video: Top Channel Albania