Driving on the Atlantic: El Pedraplen's Oceanic Journey

Spanning the northern coast of Cuba, El Pedraplén isn't just a road; it's an experience. This asphalted masterpiece, connecting Cayo Santa María to Cuba's main island, seems to float above the Atlantic Ocean, offering drivers a surreal journey.

El Pedraplén

Suspended Amidst the Waves: Driving on Water

Truly, El Pedraplén is a marvel in engineering — it's a road surrounded by the vastness of the ocean. With 46 strategically built bridges (44 of them over the sea), every drive feels like you're suspended between the sky and the waves.

Journey Details: From Caibarién to Cayo Santa María

Stretching over 57.3 km (35.60 miles), El Pedraplén begins at Caibarién in Villa Clara province and culminates at the scenic Cayo Santa María, nestled within the Jardines del Rey archipelago. As the road meanders into the sea, it creates an illusion of endlessness, making it hard to discern where the sky meets the water. Completed in 1999 and inaugurated in May 2000, this road has since been a testament to human ingenuity and nature's splendor.
Pic: Dr. Zen