Driving the scenic Cayo Coco Causeway in Cuba

Located in central Cuba, Cayo Coco Causeway is an amazing drive across the Atlantic Ocean. The road connects Cayo Coco to the main island.

Cayo Coco Causeway

Can you drive to Cayo Coco?

The causeway, known as Pedraplen Cayo Coco, is 27km (17 miles) long, running south-north from Morón (in Ciego de Ávila Province in central Cuba) across Perros Bay (Bahia de Perros) to Cayo Coco, a tropical island in the Jardines del Rey chain. The causeway is 8 meters wide, and 2.66 meters high over ocean level.

Is Cayo Coco Causeway worth it?

Tucked away in the Jardines del Rey, on the northern part of the Cuban archipelago, the construction of the causeway running from Cayo Coco to the mainland started in 1983 and took 16 months. The road stretches out into the blue ocean, perched on top of a long wall of stone, and at times you genuinely feel you're driving on water; it takes quite a while for the first signs of land to appear on the horizon. The drive offers stunning views.
Pic: Gabriele Borsani