Estrada da Serra do Corvo Branco

Serra do Corvo Branco Road: 30% sections with 5 hairpin turns

SC-370 (Estrada da Serra do Corvo Branco) is the name of the sharply winding and precipitous ascent in a steep and narrow zig-zag road located in State of Santa Catarina, in the southern of Brazil. This is definitely not a Sunday drive. The road is brutal with some 30% sections via 5 hairpin turns.

Located in Santa Catarina mountains, the road is mostly gravel, with some asphalted sections on the hardest parts of the climb. Its highest elevation is at 1.240m (4,068ft) above the sea level, at Serra do Corvo Blanco (Road of the White Crow Mountains) summit. The last 1.6km to the climb are brutal: 30% sections via 5 hairpin turns. The drive offers hairpin turns, steep descents and breathtaking cliffs, and with unforgettable panoramic views.

The road is 67.0 km long, and links the villages of Braço do Norte and Urubici. Use low gears. Expect very tight curves and viewpoints in each of the curves. Very dangerous with rain or fog. Not recommended for buses or larger vehicles.



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