Gordon River Road

Gordon River Road is one of Australia's most awesome road trips

Gordon River Road is a very scenic drive with stunning views located in South West Tasmania. It is 119 km (73 mi) long.

The road (also known as Strathgordon Road and B61), is paved. Built in January 1964, it’s the most south western road in the country. It is the main means of access for tourists and other transport to view the dams from the Lake Pedder damming, apart from flying over the region. It is one of Australia's most awesome road trips. The road runs from the A10 (Lyell Highway) to the Gordon River Dam. The concrete dam wall was built in 1974. It’s the tallest in Tasmania, stretching 140 metres high and is arched both horizontally and vertically.

Located within the spectacular World Heritage Area of Tasmania’s south west wilderness, the road is pretty narrow in parts. The road does get busier at weekends and in the main holiday season. The area records an enormous annual rainfall, and extra care would be required when driving in wet and slippery conditions. The road winds its way through the thundering Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park with incredible views of mountains beyond and deep gorges below.



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