Gordon River Road: A Journey Through Tasmania's Wilderness

The Gordon River Road, tucked away in South West Tasmania, promises unparalleled scenic vistas that captivate every traveler. Also known as Strathgordon Road and B61, this 119 km (73 mi) stretch connects the A10 (Lyell Highway) to the awe-inspiring Gordon River Dam.

Gordon River Road

Historic Landmarks: From 1964 Roadways to 1974 Dams

Conceived in January 1964, Gordon River Road boasts the title of Australia's most south-western route. It's not just a road; it's the lifeline for tourists eager to view the dams resulting from the Lake Pedder damming. Flying over the region is an option, but why would you, when the drive is so spectacular?

Architectural Wonders: Tasmania's Tallest Dam

Constructed in 1974, the Gordon River Dam isn't just another dam. Towering at 140 meters, it's Tasmania's tallest – and its unique dual arch, both horizontal and vertical, is a marvel of engineering.

Natural Beauty: Navigating World Heritage Sites

Positioned within the revered World Heritage Area of Tasmania’s south-west wilderness, the road, while magnificent, is narrow in patches. Given its high elevation, sections of the road can witness frost, ice, and snow. Extra caution is vital, especially during the rainy season, where the region records substantial rainfall.

Safety First: Weather Challenges and Peak Times

While the road is a treasure trove of natural beauty, the journey demands respect. The road is busier during weekends and holiday seasons, and given the weather conditions, it's crucial to drive with care.

Discovering Tasmania: Mountains, Gorges, and Untouched Nature

Embrace the beauty of the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. The drive along Gordon River Road isn't just a means to a destination; it's an adventure, with majestic mountains and profound gorges waiting to be explored.