The Ultimate Guide to Traveling the Ocean Beach Road

Ocean Beach Road is the name of a very scenic drive located in the West Coast Council, on the most western point in Tasmania.

Ocean Beach Road

Can you drive the Ocean Beach Road?

Tucked away to the west of Strahan, and running north of Macquarie Heads and Hells Gates, the beach road is totally unpaved. A 4WD vehicle is required. This road can be exposed to extreme weather conditions. Extreme care is necessary: there are two river mouths to cross where you can get bogged. Bring recovery equipment and let someone know where you’re going and when to expect you back. Fuel is available in Strahan.

How long is the Ocean Beach Road of Tasmania?

Running parallel to the sea through the Henty Dunes, famous sandy dunes on the area, the road is about 30km (19.20 miles) long. It’s said to be Tassie’s longest beach run. Sea lions and seals use this beach as a rest spot, so watch out for them. Note that Ocean Beach is unpatrolled by lifeguards and is too dangerous for swimming.
Pic&video: Tassie Photographer