Ben Lomond Mountain is a peak with an elevation of 1,452m (4,763ft) above sea level, situated in the Launceston and North-east regions of Tasmania. The road to the summit, known for a series of sharp hairpin turns called Jacob’s Ladder, is one of the most hairpinned roads in the world.

Mount Wellington is a high mountain peak at an elevation of 1,265m (4,150ft) above sea level, located in the southeast coastal region of Tasmania. It’s said to be the highest and busiest sealed alpine road in the country.

Mount Barrow is a high mountain peak at an elevation of 1.359m (4,458ft) above the sea level, located just east of Launceston in the northern region of Tasmania. If you don’t like heights or twisty dirt roads, this drive is not for you. It's one of the most scenic drives in the world. 

Highland Lakes Road is a pleasant driving experience in the Central highlands of Tasmania. The road has steep climbs, hairpin bends, and lush forest and panoramic views.

The Gordon River Road, tucked away in South West Tasmania, promises unparalleled scenic vistas that captivate every traveler. Also known as Strathgordon Road and B61, this 119 km (73 mi) stretch connects the A10 (Lyell Highway) to the awe-inspiring Gordon River Dam.

Located on the northern part of the West Coast of Tasmania, Australia, the Sandy Cape Track is one of Tasmania's most iconic 4WD destinations, with water hazards, rocky ridges, boggy sand and mud sections.

Dove Lake is a glacially carved lake at an elevation of 945m (3,100ft) above the sea level, located in the central highlands region of Tasmania, Australia.

Lake Mackenzie is a mountain lake at an elevation of 1.122m (3,681ft) above the sea level, located in the Launceston region of northern Tasmania.

Camden Hill Road, also known as C405, is a long, mostly unsealed north-south route located just east of Launceston in north east Tasmania.

Tebrakunna Road is a mostly unsealed route through mountainous country in north eastern Tasmania. The road is used by log trucks as an alternative to the Tasman Highway between Goshen and Herrick.

Clarks Road is a very intimidating trail located in the south-east of Tasmania, Australia. Located within the Mount Dromedary Forest Reserve, this dead end road is 3.7 km long.

Swanston Track is the name of a pretty challenging drive after rains, located in the Central LGA region of Tasmania.

Wielangta Forest Drive is the name of a very scenic drive in the South-east region of Tasmania, running through tall eucalypt production forests.

Eaglehawk Lookout is a small lookout at an elevation of 351m (1,151ft) above the sea level, located on the Tasman Peninsula in southeastern Tasmania. Be sure to have high clearance and four-wheel-drive.

Ocean Beach Road is the name of a very scenic drive located in the West Coast Council, on the most western point in Tasmania.

Borradaile Plains Track is the name of an easy and scenic track (in dry weather) located in the local government areas of Meander Valley and Kentish in the North West region of Tasmania.

B68 is the name of a very scenic road located in the Australia's island state of Tasmania. The drive offers sweeping views.

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