Desert Road is a rather remote drive of NZ

Located in New Zealand's North Island, the Desert Road is a section of State Highway 1 running across Rangipo's Desert.

Desert Road

How long is Desert Road NZ?

The straight road, part of State Highway 1, is entirely paved. It’s 63 km (39 miles) long, crossing the alpine desert.

Where does Desert Road NZ start and end?

It links the small towns of Turangi, on the North Island Volcanic Plateau in the Waikato region, and Waiouru, in the Ruapehu District.

Why is it called Desert Road NZ?

This road gains its name from being completely remote. Rangipo Desert (Te Onetapu) is a barren, desert-like environment. Its inhospitable weather makes it an interesting route to drive along.

When was Desert Road NZ built?

The road was constructed in the 1940s as part of a strategy to increase tourist flow in the area.

How remote is Desert Road NZ?

The drive is rather remote. Due to the unproductive nature of the land, the region is largely uninhabited. Be careful as the weather can change very quickly. The scenery is stunning. The area is frequently lashed by wind. The winds not only dry the desert but also blast exposed plants, causing wind-burn at any time of the year and often freeze-burn during the cold months.

Is Desert Road open?

The drive tops out at 1,078m (3,536ft) above sea level. At this elevation, the Desert Road is said to be the highest point on the New Zealand state highway network. The road is closed for short periods most winters with barrier arms due to severe snowstorms and icy road conditions. The winds can be brutally cold and will whip off the mountains and through any unprotected places like a frozen knife.

Is Desert Road worth it?

Plan about 60-70 minutes to complete the drive without any stops. However, it’ll take longer as this is an unforgettable road trip with amazing landscapes and incredible scenery. Along the way, you'll enjoy amazing views of Tongariro National Park's volcanoes. The Black Gate of Mordor from the Lord of the Rings films was shot here.