Tasman Valley Road 4X4 Tack

A journey on the legendary Tasman Valley Road 4X4 Tack

Tasman Valley Road 4X4 track is a very scenic yet challenging drive located on New Zealand's South Island.

Can you drive the Tasman Valley Road 4X4 Track?

Tucked away in the Mt Cook National Park, the rocky/lose rocky 4X4 track is totally unpaved. Vehicle travel is not recommended. 4X4 vehicles only. As you travel up the road you will be amazed at the awesome mountain scenery. The drive offers views over Tasman Lake and the 27 km Tasman Glacier (the longest in New Zealand) that are just outstanding.

Is the Tasman Valley Road 4X4 Track open?

Expect rapidly changing weather. Both night time and daytime temperatures can plummet without warning, make sure you are well prepared with the correct gear. The road is usually open all year unless heavy snow causes it to close for safety reasons. Snow is often a regular occurrence in winter. Sandflies can be present in low numbers, insect repellent is recommended. The route is not maintained and is subject to period flooding, slumping, and avalanching.

How long is the Tasman Valley Road 4X4 Track of NZ?

The rugged back road 4WD adventure is 6.43km (3.99 miles) long starting at the Tasman Valley Road’s car parking. A number of car hire companies restrict travel on the track.
Pic: http://www.nickbooth.id.au/NZ15/MtCook/Images/P1020148.jpg



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