Forgotten World Highway in NZ is a world's top drive

Forgotten World Highway is one of the most scenic drives in New Zealand. This highly memorable driving journey is remote and mysterious to the extreme. It’s one of the most scenic drives in the world.

Forgotten World Highway

How long is the Forgotten World Highway?

Located on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island, the Forgotten World Highway (State Highway 43) is 149 kilometres (92.58 miles) long, running from Stratford (in Taranaki) to Taumarunui (in the King Country).

Is the Forgotten Highway dangerous?

It has been ranked as one of the 10 worst roads in New Zealand by the Police. The road includes narrow sections and unpaved parts. This bad record is because of the slippery gravel surface in the Tangarakau Gorge, however this is not scheduled to be sealed because of the low traffic volume.

Why is it called the Forgotten Highway?

The route winds its way across some seriously crinkly landscape, through gorges, tunnels and dense forest. Built on colonial bridle paths formed in the late 19th century, the highway is remote and mysterious to the extreme. The journey is so called due to the fact that it’s New Zealand’s oldest heritage trail.

How long does it take to drive the Forgotten World Highway?

To drive the road without stopping will take most people between 2.5 and 3.5 hours. However, allow yourself plenty of time to drive the highway with stops and detours. With all the places you’ll want to visit on the way, it’s recommended giving this one a couple of days with a night stop over in the middle. On the way you will have the chance to take in the North Island’s highest waterfall, a town which has formed its own republic, and the remarkable Tangarakau Gorge.

Is the Forgotten World Highway worth it?

The Forgotten World Highway, one of New Zealand's most secluded roads, it’s the oldest touring route in the country, and stretches from the central plateau of the north island, across to the west coast and the mighty mountain of Taranaki. The road explores the ever-changing landscape between Taumarunui and Stratford. Make sure the tank of your car is full when you enter the Highway and then enjoy this experience. This scenic route winds over four mountain saddles, alongside the spectacular Tangarakau Gorge and passes through the 180-metre-long, single lane, Moki tunnel. The highway goes through some rugged, beautiful countryside. It climbs three saddles, including the Strathmore Saddle, the Whangamomona Saddle and the Tahora Saddle. If you're up for a challenge, the Forgotten World Highway is a drive to remember. It’s a leisurely drive through numerous different types of environment.

Is the Forgotten Highway suitable for motorhomes?

The road is mostly paved but slippery when wet. There is a short unsealed section of road but fear not, this is not a 4×4 trail. It's usually suitable for all vehicles including motorhomes.

What’s Moki Tunnel?

Along the way you can admire the Moki Tunnel, also known as Hobbit's Hole. Hand-carved by pickaxes, the tunnel is a 180 metre-long adventure that'll quickly make the kids forget their carsickness. You emerge from the tunnel to the scenic delights of the Tangarakau Gorge, where the paved surface becomes gravel road for about 15 kilometres, encouraging you to slow down and enjoy the lush bush views and the spectacular rapids of the headwaters of the Tangarakau River. The road through the gorge is not sealed.