Takarau Gorge Road, a dangerously narrow scenic drive

Takarau Gorge Road is a very scenic drive located in northern Wellington, New Zealand. Sections of this road are often closed due to flooding.

Takarau Gorge Road

The road is very narrow as it runs through the Takarau Gorge along the Ohariu river. It’s 7.7 km (4.78 miles) long, running east-southwest from Ohariu to Makara Road. The road narrows to a single lane in sections as it twists through the steep-sided gorge with blind corners.

The route features a high risk of flooding. The drive is very scenic but for the faint-hearted. The road can be cut off to general traffic due to flooding sometimes after heavy rains. Sections of this road can be under water. Overall traffic in the gorge is light but it’s popular at weekends and during the summer.