Is Baldwin Street in New Zealand the world's steepest residential street?

Located in Dunedin, New Zealand, Baldwin Street is often cited as the world's steepest residential street. It has an incline of 35 per cent. Notably, the steepest section is made from concrete because asphalt would melt and flow down the hill on particularly hot days.

Baldwin Street

Where is Baldwin Street?

You can find Baldwin Street in the residential suburb of North East Valley, northeast of Dunedin's city centre, at the head of Otago Harbour on the southeast coast of the South Island. The street is named after William Baldwin, a member of the Otago Provincial Council and founder of the Otago Guardian newspaper in 1873.

How long is Baldwin Street?

This straight and short street stretches for 350 m (1,150 ft) from North Road to Buchanan Street and is fully paved.

Is Baldwin Street the steepest street in the world?

Baldwin Street earned the title of the world's steepest residential street in 1987. Though it briefly lost this designation in 2019, the title was reinstated in April 2020, as per the Guinness World Records. A brisk walk up its length, about 350 metres, takes roughly ten minutes. At its most acute, Baldwin Street's slope measures approximately 1:2.86 (35%) - meaning that for every 2.86 metres travelled horizontally, there's an elevation rise of 1 metre. For years, both tourists and thrill-seekers have been drawn to this unique attraction.