Cape Campbell Lighthouse is a Beacon Amidst New Zealand's Scenic Landscape

Situated in the Marlborough region of New Zealand's South Island, the Cape Campbell Lighthouse stands as a testament to maritime history and engineering. Its striking black and white stripes are not only visually captivating but also serve a functional purpose for sailors navigating the nearby waters.

Cape Campbell Lighthouse

History and Significance

The Cape Campbell coastline has witnessed several shipwrecks over the years, with over 18 vessels meeting their demise between 1845 and 1947. A notable shipwreck was that of the New Bedford whaler Alexander, which succumbed to the treacherous waters three years before the lighthouse's construction and was declared a total loss.

The original lighthouse, built primarily of timber, began its operations on 1 August 1870. However, by 1898, it was evident that the timber structure was decaying. This led to the construction of the current cast-iron tower, which started guiding vessels safely from October 1905 onwards.

Moreover, this iconic coastal landscape gained cinematic fame, featuring prominently in the DreamWorks Studios film, "The Light Between Oceans."

Access to Cape Campbell Lighthouse

The main route to Cape Campbell Lighthouse is the Lighthouse Road, which starts at SH 1, south of Lake Grassmere. Stretching 18.5 km (11.5 miles), this entirely unpaved road is set on private land and is closed to motor vehicles.

In earlier years, adventurous souls could drive to the lighthouse from its western side during low tide. However, this practice has since been prohibited, making access more restricted.