A Most Tricky Scenic Drive to Remutaka Pass in NZ

Remutaka Pass is a mountain pass at an elevation of 556m (1,824ft) above the sea level, located in in the Wellington Region of New Zealand's North Island. The road is well known to NZ motorcyclists

Remutaka Pass

How long is the road to Remutaka Pass?

The road to the summit, also known as Remutaka Hill and Rimutaka pass, is totally paved. It’s called Rimutaka Hill Road, part of the State Highway 2. The pass road is 31.0 km (19.26 miles) long, running west-east from Upper Hutt to Featherston.

Is the road to Remutaka Pass dangerous?

The road is very winding and treacherous. It hits a 21% of maximum gradient through some of the ramps. The drive is well known to NZ motorcyclists. Traffic can be heavy at times eg during holiday periods. The pass was formally named on 17 December 2015. At the summit is a lookout point.

Is the road to Remutaka Pass open?

Set high in the Remutaka Range, conditions of the road can vary enormously. Drive at moderate speed. You’re not on a race. There are frequent road closures. Ideal time to travel is daylight. Not advised night drive. The area is prone to slips, strong gales and driving rain. In winter the road can often be shrouded in mist, or may be closed for brief periods due to snow or landslips.