Waikawau Tunnel Beach

Waikawau Tunnel Beach, cut with picks and shovels

Located on the West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand, the narrow Waikawau Tunnel Beach is used by people for accessing the beach.

Nestled on the coastline between Marokopa and Awakino, the tunnel is 80m long. It was dug through sandstone cliffs by three Works Department employees in 1911 and forms a unique entrance corridor to the remote black sand beach. The tunnel was cut with picks and shovels and was made to driving cattle up the beach and out to the road. Today it is closed to vehicles and only used by people for accessing the beach.

The truly isolated and awe-inspiring beach is a hidden gem of the King County coast. Remember to bring your camera. The picturesque tunnel sits at the end of the winding and dangerous Waikawau Road.
Pic: Adéla Balůsková


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