The Best Auckland Road Trips

The largest city of New Zealand, Auckland, is also its most diverse one. Whether you are chasing natural like, a place to surf the waves, forests to stroll, or mountains to climb, Auckland offers you everything. The city also has an extensive coastline and numerous options for road trips.

The Best Auckland Road Trips

The beauty of Auckland road trip is that you will never find yourself being stranded, terrified, or lost because of open transport that keeps running on time in Auckland. So, just pack your bags and snacks, and get out of the hotel you are staying in or home to go on a short road trip from Auckland. Below is a list of places near Auckland that offer adventurous road trips and beauteous sights.


This place is a wildlife hotspot, the best surf area, and is located on Auckland’s west shore. The Adjacent, 2 show tracks pass through excellent local hedge to post that provides several views along the shoreline of 60 km. If you love purchasing new and fresh organic products, you should visit this place. Located at a distance of 40 km from the city, it is perfect for a weekend getaway.


Matakana was once a town with an old nation bar and some legacy structures but it is now home to classy bistros and bars. Every Saturday, this place hosts a farmers market in the Riverside area. While going back, you can make a small reroute to visit Puhoi Valley Cheese Factory and try cheddar platter insider an intimate bistro there or get a coffee. Expect to drive an hour for reaching this place.


Puhoi is a riverside area where several German immigrants came and settled in 1863. The region was covered with very thick bushes at that time. This town is the cut of real Bohemia, and the Bohemian Museum recounts the tale of persistence and hardship of these unique pioneers. You may choose to drink at a pub here or kayak in the river here.

Cape Reinga

Amongst the most acknowledged road trips towards North of Auckland, Cape Reinga is present. Considered as a haven, it is a superb and extremely windy place. On the tip, you will see numerous Maori stories formed on plaques alongside the ways and the lighthouse.

One story is that the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea smashing together depict female and male formation of life, and the other one is that a tree with roots shooting down to water is where the spirits go in order to plunge to underworld.

Coromandel Peninsula

If you want to drive for a short duration while enjoying picturesque sceneries, Coromandel Peninsula should be your choice. This shoreline is considered as one of the top ten shorelines on the planet. You can visit Cathedral Cove, which is known for its incredible archway and golden bays formed naturally. Moreover, you can visit the nearby Hot Water Beach and absorb the geothermally warmed water found there.


These are some of the places located near Auckland that make for amazing road trips. Just take a few snacks, a bunch of clothes, hop into your car and begin your journey to beauteous natural locations near Auckland.