Driving through the narrow Moki Tunnel in NZ

Located on the west of the North Island of New Zealand, Moki Tunnel is a 180-metre-long, single lane tunnel.

Moki Tunnel

Part of the Forgotten World Highway (New Zealand State Highway 43), the tunnel is a drive to remember. Located within the Whanganui National Park, the tunnel is commonly known as the "Hobbit's Hole" (even proudly displaying this name on a sign at the entrance).

The historic and very narrow tunnel was constructed in 1935 by the Public Works Department. It was hand dug with picks and shovels. Originally it was 5 meters tall, but the tunnel’s floor was lowered in 1989, increasing the tunnel’s height to 7m. Beyond the tunnel you emerge to the scenic delights of the Tangarakau Gorge, where the tarseal surface becomes gravel road.