Trig Track is a dangerous road with steep descents

Trig Track is a hazardous road with steep descents in Victoria, Australia. This scenic yet perilous journey is challenging, particularly in wet conditions.

Trig Track

Is Trig Track Walhalla unpaved?

Yes, the track is not easy; it is totally unpaved with a loose rutted surface. Stretching over 5.5 km (3.41 miles), it runs from Walhalla Road to One Speck Track, featuring a very bumpy terrain unsuitable for average cars. A 4WD vehicle and an experienced driver are required, and the track crosses the Aberfeldy River.

How challenging is Trig Track Walhalla?

The track offers an amusement ride-like experience with 12 sharp switchbacks. Facing the risk of closure due to its steepness, danger, and maintenance challenges, Trig Track took a different route. Instead of shutting it down, Parks authorities introduced a series of tight switchbacks, making the turns nearly impossible without executing multi-point turns. The unconventional solution involved driving one section and then reversing the next, providing a surreal experience of reversing up a steep hill. Despite the challenges, the joy was evident on the faces of everyone tackling this track. Driving Trig Track turned out to be an exhilarating and immensely enjoyable adventure.

Is Trig Track Walhalla open?

The drive, reaching an elevation of 887m (2,910ft) above sea level, is seasonally closed from June to November, particularly challenging during wet conditions.
Pic&video: SubieLift Oz