Trig Track is a dangerous road with some steep descents

Trig Track is a scenic yet dangerous journey in Victoria, Australia. The track is difficult in the wet.

Trig Track

The track is totally unpaved with a loose rutted surface. It’s dangerous. The road is 5.5km long, running west-east from Walhalla Road to One Speck Track. The road is very bumpy and not meant for average cars. It’s some what like an amusement ride. A 4WD vehicle and an experienced driver are required. It’s seasonally closed from June to November.

The track is very steep. It tops out at 887m (2,910ft) above the sea level. The track crosses the Aberfeldy River. The track features 12 switchbacks at the start where you drive up one then reverse the next. The switchbacks are so tight that making the turn at either end is near impossible. Not recommended for a newbie. The track is difficult in the wet.
Pic&video: SubieLift Oz