Trans Access Road

Trans Access Road runs through some of the most isolated areas on Australia

Trans Access Road is the name of an exciting journey linking Western Australia and South Australia via an unsealed road. It’s one of the Australian longest roads.

How long is the Trans Access Road?

The road is 993km (617km) long running alongside the Trans-Australian railway line which was constructed in 1917. A 4x4 vehicle is required. Dusty in the dry season and boggy or washed away in the wet season. Exercise caution when travelling on unsealed roads as isolated weather events may affect the road conditions. The long, long stretch of road crosses a whole lot of nothing, but it is an ever changing nothing. Red dirt roads get very slippery when wet. The road is steep in parts and tops out at 407m (1,335ft) above the sea level.

Where does the Trans Access Road start and end?

The road begins just east of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and extends due east, following the railway line, until the West Australian and South Australian border. The track passes through some of the most isolated areas on the Australian continent. Supplies and services are limited and road conditions can vary, so plan ahead, stock up on food, water and fuel. Carry lots of water and fuel with you. Driving at night is best avoided. Mobile phone coverage along the route is varied.
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