North West Coastal Highway

North West Coastal Highway is an amazing coastal route through Western Australia's remote north-west. It’s one of the Australian longest roads.

North West Coastal Highway

The road is 1.299 km (807 mi) long and links the coastal city of Geraldton and the town of Port Hedland. The highway was created in 1944 from existing roads and tracks . The whole journey is on a sealed road which can be driven along by all vehicle types.It passes through remote and largely arid landscapes. It goes past some of the most impressive coastline in Australia.


-The journey requires planning and careful preparation

-The area traversed by the highway is remote and largely arid

-Road Trains (Big trucks with multiple attachments) are common

-Driving at night is best avoided

-Mobile phone coverage along the route is varied

-Monotonous sections where drivers fall asleep at the wheel

-Expect wildlife that goes to the roadside

-Weather conditions with range of climates

- Between November and April rivers can rise from dry to over 10 metres deep in less than a day

-Significant distances separate larger towns

-It can be very busy

-Serious accidents

-Tired drivers not paying attention.