Driving the Barrier Highway is a truly outstanding adventure

The Barrier Highway is a very exciting journey linking New South Wales and South Australia. Driving at night is best avoided. Mobile phone coverage along the route is varied. It’s one of the Australian longest roads.

Barrier Highway

How long is the Barrier Highway?

The road is 1.014 km (630 mi) long and links Nyngan (Mitchell Highway) and Gawler (Stuart Highway). The name of the highway is derived from the Barrier Ranges. Road Trains (big trucks with multiple attachments) are common.

Is the Barrier Highway paved?

Part of route A32, the highway was fully paved in 1972, so you don't need a 4 WD vehicle to complete the drive. It can be driven along by all vehicle types. There can be animals on the road, so don't drive in the dark to avoid hitting a kangaroo, emu, or whatever roams on the road at night.

Is the Barrier Highway remote?

The journey requires planning and careful preparation, because the remote road passes through some isolated areas. The area traversed by the Barrier Highway is remote and very sparsely settled. Plan a little ahead, know where you want to stop, where to get fuel and accommodation.