Driving the Mitchell Highway is a truly outstanding adventure

The Mitchell Highway offers an exhilarating journey, connecting Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. It is advisable to avoid driving at night, and mobile phone coverage along the route can be variable. It’s one of the Australian longest roads.

Mitchell Highway

How long is the Mitchell Highway?

Stretching across 1,105 km (687 mi), it serves as a crucial link for passenger and freight transportation. The highway is fully paved, eliminating the need for a 4WD vehicle, making it accessible to all types of vehicles.

Why is it called the Mitchell Freeway?

Named after Lieutenant Colonel Sir Thomas Mitchell, the road gained the status of a state highway in New South Wales in 1928.

Is the Mitchell Highway dangerous?

The journey demands meticulous planning and preparation due to the road passing through remote and isolated areas. Presence of animals on the road is a concern, emphasizing the need to avoid driving in the dark. Plan ahead for stops, fuel, and accommodation. Notably, it was identified as one of the most dangerous roads in NSW, with 27 reported fatalities between 2012-2017.