Longest Roads in Australia

Longest Roads of Australia

Australia is a huge country, so it is common to travel long distances with epic, but long roads. With the population centres separated by vast distances, some roads are so long that they have trivia signs to keep drivers alert and reduce crashes and fatalities.

Road States  Length Highest Point Lowest Point
Great Northern Highway WA 3.195km (1,985mi) 748m 0.54m
Stuart Highway NT-SA 2.834km (1,761mi) 731m 9.32m
Eyre Highway SA-WA 1.675km (1,041mi) 435m 2.28m
Bruce Highway Q 1.652km (1,027mi) 192m 1.57m
Diamantina Developmental Rd  Q 1.344km (835mi) 426m 72.6m
Anne Beadell Highway SA-WA  1,340km (832mi) 478m 161m
North West Coastal Highway WA 1.299km (807mi) 287m 4.98m
Mitchell Highway Q-NSW 1.105km (687mi) 1.020m 103m 
Burke Developmental Road Q 1.079km (670mi) 645m 1.8m 
Landsborough Highway Q 1.049km (652mi) 476m  166m 
Tanami Road WA-NT 1.013km (629mi) 740m  302m 
Barrier Highway NSW-SA 1.014km (630mi) 609m  70.5m
Trans Access Road WA-SA 993km (617mi) 407m  95.6m


Road length is an approximation only. Some roads are split into more than one part because they pass through a place where the road is differently named.

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