Great Northern Highway

Great Northern Highway is the longest most remote paved road in the world

Located in Western Australia, the Great Northern Highway is said to be the longest most remote paved road in the world. It is Australia's ultimate road trip, taking in every kind of terrain, landscape and vista that Australia has to offer. It’s one of the Australian longest roads.

The road is 3.195 kilometres (1,985 mi) long and links Western Australia's capital city Perth and its northernmost port, Wyndham. It’s Western Australia’s most important road. The highway was created in 1944. The whole journey is on a sealed road which can be driven along by all vehicle types. It passes through some of the most isolated areas on the Australian continent.


-Dusty in the dry season and boggy or washed away in the wet season

-River crossings are always at risk in extreme weather situations

-Flooding. Torrential rainfall between November and May. At some locations, it is not unusual for the road to be underneath metres of water

-Weather. Conditions will change substantially from start to finish

-Carry lots of water and fuel with you

-There can be animals on the road

-Road Trains (Big trucks with multiple attachments) are common

-The journey requires planning and careful preparation

-Driving at night is best avoided

-Mobile phone coverage along the route is varied.


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