Hay River Track, a drive following an extinct river

Hay River Track is a very remote drive into some of the most stunningly beautiful parts of Australia. The track follows the course of an extinct river. Your vehicle will need to be extensively prepared for remote area travel. It’s one of Australia’s best 4WD tracks.

Hay River Track

The track is very sandy. It’s 928km long linking the northern and southern sections of the Simpson Desert. It runs from Birdsville (QLD) to Gemtree (NT). The journey is highly remote. Suitable for low range and high ground clearance. It was only recently opened to the public in 2000. The trip is only suitable for experienced drivers and should not be undertaken alone. Take emergency supplies and extra parts; make sure you know your route.

Best travelled from May to October. Very hot in summer. Avoid summer months. Never drive this trail alone. You must not travel alone and your group should be prepared for anything. There are no provisions or fuel available along the way so you will need to be self sufficient. Proper preparation is essential to having a safe, enjoyable trip on this road. Due to the remoteness of the area, take special care to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the trip. Remote area travel - self-sufficiency is essential. Carry at least seven litres of water per person per day and emergency food and water for another seven days. You should carry traction aids and a satellite phone.
Pic: Frankenbeans D