Binns Track: a memorable road trip in Australia

Binns Track is a very scenic 4x4 journey through some of Australia's most diverse terrain and spectacular scenery. It’s known for its diverse terrain as it courses though mountains, deserts and vast plains. It’s one of the Australia’s best 4WD tracks.

Binns Track

The epic four-wheel drive is 2.191km (1,361 miles) long running from Mt.Dare Hotel on the South Australian border, through Alice Springs, up to Timber Creek, in the Northern Territory. Only 4WD vehicles. The track was named after Bill Binns, a NT park ranger who served for 32 years.

The ride is rather remote, so you need to be prepared. Keep weather conditions in mind before you travel. Road conditions are always changing. Access is often limited from December through May. In case of a breakdown, there is very little in the way of passing traffic or inhabitants around, and no cell phone service in parts. The track is challenging with sandy slopes, soft riverbeds, jagged rock, bogs, bitumen and bulldust.
Pic&video: you4wdbinns1