Be totally prepared to drive the Old Andado Track

Old Andado Track is one of the most remote roads in the Northern Territory of Australia. This outback unsealed track is an interesting alternative route from Alice Springs to Oodnadatta through the fringe of the vast Simpson Desert, the largest parallel sand dune desert in the world. Some of its dunes are the longest in the world, running continuously for almost 200km.

Old Andado Track

The road is rough and bumpy and slidey in the wet bits. It’s 440km (273 miles) long running from Alice Springs to Mount Dare. You'll certainly be out in some desolate country, and even 4WDs breakdown. The road is part of a larger tourist route known as the Binns Track. 4WD required. It’s a great road to take if you want to experience very remote areas. Be prepared: the road is very poorly maintained and features many river crossings. The road is unsealed, sandy and occasionally closed following heavy rain. It’s 4WD only, due to its unstable and changing road surfaces. Be totally prepared and do some serious reading before tackling these regions in Australia.

Nestled among the red dunes of the Simpson Desert, the road is very rough, and can be corrugated and rather dusty. Only try driving it in a 2wd car, if you're planning to buy a new car. Carry plenty of water and spare fuel. The road isn’t used much. Flooding can also occur after brief but heavy thunderstorms during the dry season. Definitely take plenty of water and an extra spare, there are some serious rocks that could do some real damage. This is a remote-area experience and travellers should be self-sufficient with everything from water to communications-there’s no mobile network coverage.
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