The inhumane climb to Mount William with 29% ramps

Mount William (Duwul or Duwil) is a mountain peak at an elevation of 1.167m (3,829ft) above the sea level, located in western Victoria, Australia.

Mount William

Located within the Grampians National Park, the road to the summit is called Mount William Road. It’s 11.6km (7.20 miles) long. The road is paved but pretty narrow and very steep. The last 1.8km are closed to the general public but there’s a sealed service road to the summit.

The road is slippery after rains. The drive offers fantastic views most of the way to the top. Mount William is the highest point in the park and provides great 360-degree views of mountain ranges and open plains. The summit is crowned with a communications station.

Starting from the C16 Road, at 347m above the sea level, the gradient settles in at around 5-6%. The steepest section is a sharp left-hander at 10.1km which reaches a maximum of 29%.