McKillops Bridge

McKillops Bridge, a significant engineering feat at the time

Located in the Snowy River National Park, in Victoria, Australia, the iconic McKillops Bridge is one of the most spectacular bridges in the world. It’s a significant engineering feat at the time.

The road spans the Snowy River and was built by the Country Roads Board between 1931-36. It’s the only bridge over the Snowy River for a very long way. The deck is 255 metres long and stands high above the river. Downstream are the remains of the original McKillop Bridge washed away in 1934, a day before it was due to be opened.

The road over the bridge is called McKillops Road (officially C611). It's said to be the most hazardous & dangerous road to drive on in the country. The bridge consists of welded-steel trusses seated on tall one-piece reinforced-concrete piers, supporting an elaborate timber stockbridge superstructure. It’s the perfect spot to take a break, whether to simply enjoy the picturesque views from the bridge along the Snowy River gorge or something a little more active.


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